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Their Bloody Lies & Persecution of

The Horrific Crime That Shocked An Entire Nation And Condemned An Innocent Man To Prison For 13 Years 
The Horrific Crime

Eleven eyewitnesses were with David Camm, ten playing basketball with him, when his wife Kim and their two children, seven-year old Brad and five-year old Jill were brutally murdered; how then, within hours, was he the sole suspect, and three days later, charged with pulling the trigger of a gun which killed all three? 

Although featured nationally on Dateline48 Hours and the Oxygen Network, the detailed and totally unbelievable story of the case of DAVID CAMM has never been fully revealed as police, prosecutors, forensic scientists, and judges either sought or facilitated the convictions of an innocent man while ignoring a mountain of exculpatory evidence. In the process, a devil-worshipping psychopathic killer of David’s wife and their two small children was left free to roam the streets of metropolitan Louisville, Kentucky for years. 

Inside Look
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“You can’t wreck someone’s life, take away their freedom, their liberty, their reputation, their identity, their hometown. You’re not supposed to be able to do that in this country; to have that done to me by people that I knew, that I cared for and worked with...”
- David Camm
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