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Inside Look

1. Discovery
The Discovery
Dave's State Police Call

Upon finishing his five-on-five basketball games at his church gym, Dave drove five minutes to his home, raised the garage door, and saw his half-clad wife Kim, her head lying in a large pool of blood. Racing to her and recognizing that she was dead, his next frantic thoughts were of his son Brad and daughter Jill, both of whom he found, lifeless, in the backseat of his wife’s car, which, strangely, had Kim’s shoes sitting neatly on top of it. Listen to Dave’s call to the Indiana State Police (ISP) Post in Sellersburg, Indiana, where he had worked for over 10 years as a trooper, and decide for yourself: was he, as his police friends claimed, trying to manipulate the investigation, or was he a hysterical husband and father who was begging his old friends for help? 

2. Investigation
The Initial Investigation

The ISP responded with over two dozen detectives, evidence technicians, and troopers to the very bloody crime scene. In the ensuring days, nineteen (19) people, some of whom weren’t even police officers, seized evidence, some of which was irretrievably lost. The ISP then came to their quick conclusion that Dave had murdered his family and in the process, staged a sexual attack on Kim, placed her shoes on top of the car, and then added a cleaning solution to her blood flow, all the while “manipulating” the crime scene to make it as though someone else had murdered his family.

Aerial of Camm House.jpg
Blood Flow.jpg
Camm Tee Shirt.jpg
Camm Tee Shirt Stites 8 dots _02.png
The Basis for Arrest

The T-shirt worn by David in his five-on-five basketball games at the church gym was examined by supposed blood stain expert Rob Stites, protégé of Rodney Englert, internationally-recognized blood stain interpreter. Englert later concurred with Stites’ conclusion of the source of those eight small dots of blood: “The tee shirt worn by David R. Camm…had high velocity blood mist, which occurs in the presence of gunshot at the time of the shooting.” Not so, said two other forensic scientists: those stains came from…

3. Arrest
4. Justice
The Justice System

A nine-week trial, overseen by a judge who allowed clearly impermissible evidence and speculation was prosecuted by Stan Faith who engaged in tactics which were “underhanded, sneaky, and…rotten.” A large, gray sweatshirt with the name BACKBONE and containing unidentified male and female DNA, which had been found at the crime scene, was denigrated by Faith as irrelevant and unimportant. Dave was convicted and sentenced to 195 years, serving his time at the infamous Indiana State Prison. Later, the Indiana Court of Appeals, in overturning the convictions, found that “we are left with the definite possibility that the jury might have found Camm not guilty if...

BACKBONE Sweatshirt.png
BACKBONE Sweatshirt.png
5. Killer
The Real Killer

Dave’s second defense team aggressively petitioned new prosecutor Keith Henderson to run the unidentified male DNA found on the sweatshirt. Years before, neither the ISP nor Stan Faith tried to match it in the national DNA database, although Faith falsely claimed a database check had been negative. Henderson, under intense pressure from Dave’s defense attorneys, finally had the DNA database checked; it came back to Charles Boney, who had a particularly weird sexual obsession and a criminal history of violently attacking women and stealing their shoes! Ignoring all of that, the actions of both Henderson and his Chief Deputy Prosecutor Steve Owen was complete denial that Dave could have been innocent, as they even publicly defended Boney! But the defense didn’t stop...

Charles Boney

Interviewed by the defense, smooth-talking, pathological liar Charles Boney claimed he had given his sweatshirt to the Salvation Army. When asked if, in addition to his sweatshirt which had been found at the scene, there would be anything else of his found there, such as his fingerprints, he insisted nothing would. In fact, if anything of his was found, it would mean, well, here’s his answer. When faced by what happened next, the police and prosecutors…

6. Backbone
7. Conclusion
How Did It Happen? Why Did It Continue?

Follow the unrelenting efforts of Dave, his uncle Sam Lockhart, and the dedicated defense teams as they pursued their most important goal: the exoneration of David and justice for Kim, Brad, and Jill. Written from the perspective of defense investigator Gary M. Dunn, a 27-year FBI Agent, a justice system which you didn’t think was possible in the United States is laid brutally bare.

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